VR-in-a-Box is a prototyping project by Erfgoed Noorderkempen for three musea that are challenged by specific needs. For the Prisonmuseum in Merksplas -that has to relocate- I was commissioned to translate the stories of their main guideline content into a VR-experience. This is used as a tool for all involved to conceptualise the new museum. It also serves as a unique way to show visitors the museum during the time when it is not accessible.

The central VR environment is based on the model of a panopticon prison building with five hallways and inspired by the photo series ‘Prison’ of Sébastien van Malleghem. Each story tells about a specific periode in time and takes place in a different cell.

It was made in Unity for the wireless Oculus Quest VR-headset, so users can move freely. The total runtime of the experience is 28 minutes.

Main environment

  • VR-in-a-Box Merksplas | Model
  • VR-in-a-Box Merksplas | Model

Medieval cell

18th century cell

19th century cell with 360 animation

Early 20th century cell

21st century cell

  • VR-in-a-Box Merksplas | 4 cel Fatima

The cemetery and the granary

  • Begraafplaats Kolonie Merksplas