Project Description

The Miners’ Hymns is a homage in film and music to the coal mining history of North East England. It is a collaboration between renowned American filmmaker Bill Morrison and acclaimed Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. They have created a wordless documentary to depict the ill-fated mining community in North East England. “The Miners Hymns” celebrates social, cultural, and political aspects of the extinct industry, and the strong regional tradition of colliery brass bands focusing on the Durham coalfield in the North East of the UK. Jóhann Jóhannsson has written a touching soundtrack for eighteen-member brass band, percussion and organ to accompany the documentary. Beautifully combining modern, electronic and classical music, he creates a compelling atmosphere.

The first live performance of “The Miners’ Hymns” premiered to sell-out audiences and critical acclaim at Durham Cathedral in July 2010. In 2011 “The Miners’ Hymns” staged its world premiere screening at Tribeca Film Festival and has since been showcased at festivals around the world. During the Flanders Festival Kortrijk 2013, “The Miners’ Hymns” was performed in the Sint-Maartenskerk. We were privileged to film the rehearsals and make this video with permission of all involved.

filmed and edited by Alexander Kerkhof & Regina De Martelaere – 2013